Are Shoes The Culprits That Cause Nail Fungus

Shoes The Culprits That Cause Nail Fungus

This is a question that has been asked by many people and there is no clear answer to the question. It depends on the kind of shoe that you are wearing and also on the fact that the same shoe may behave differently in varying environmental and weather conditions. So the actual reason could be the shoe, but the other factors could also compound the chances of a person getting toenail fungus.
There are many people who wear shoes because it is part of the cultural habits. Many of the people living in some other cultures may not really wear shoes even for work. In these cultures, the risk of nail fungus seems to be less and here is also a lesser incidence of this disease and this is the reason for people to surmise that nail fungus occurs in people who wear shoes.

Why do nail fungus occur when you wear shoes?

Shoes are closed footwear and there is no way in which air can enter so that it can dry the foot. There are some people who sweat a lot and the sweating can cause more damage to the foot. Almost all people who wear shoes regularly wear socks too. If you wear socks that are made of material that does not absorb the sweat, then that can also cause the fungus to grow. The socks should also be washed regularly to prevent the nail fungus. If the socks are not washed, then the moist environment and the dampness can be an ideal medium for the nail fungus to grow.

Even shoes that are not washed can be an ideal place for the nail fungus to grow. There are many people who live in places where the climate is humid or wet. These are also ideal weather conditions that can cause the nail fungus to grow in the nails. If you live in such particular weather conditions and are prone to get nail fungus, then you should make sure that you keep your nail warm and dry.

So are the shoes the real culprits?

All these facts have made us to understand that shoes may not be the real culprits for the nail fungus. Though the wearing of shoes does cause an increase in the incidence of the nail fungus, the person who is wearing the shoes may not get the nail fungus only because of this reason. The climate of that area where you live may also be the compounding factor that exacerbates or initiates the nail fungus.

Other than the weather conditions of the area, the fact that the nails are not exposed to the dry air, but kept enclosed in a damp environment because of the socks and also wet shoes can lead to the same situation.

The remedy or the method of preventing nail fungus from occurring because of this cause is not avoiding the wearing of shoes. You should make sure that the shoe that you are wearing is dry and not wet. The same goes for the socks too. Frequent washing of the shoes and the socks can also help to prevent the nail fungus.