Can you really cure your nail fungus with over the counter products?

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Over the counter medications are those that can be purchased from the chemist without a prescription. There are different kinds of drugs and some of these are prescription drugs that can be got from the pharmacy only with the prescription of a physician who is registered. Those that need a prescription are very dangerous if they are consumed without the consent of the physician and that can cause more damage than good. This is why these drugs are called as prescription drugs.
Nail fungus is a condition that can not only be treated with the regular medications that are prescribed by the Physician, it can also be treated by many other natural drugs. These days, one finds that people are turning to over the counter products for every need. For nail fungus does these medications work is a real important question. The reason for people preferring the over the counter product is the fact that these are easy to get and there is no need to ‘waste time’ consulting a physician and then getting a prescription. Over the counter drugs also saves a lot of money as you ‘save’ the cost of visiting a Physician.

Some of the common over the counter products for nail fungus and their action on the nail fungus are listed here.

1. Vinegar: Though this need not be got from a pharmacy, this is one of the common methods used by people to try and use for getting rid of the nail fungus. This is also effective to an extent in a few people and that is a great advantage for those who find it effective.
2. Hydrogen Peroxide: This is one of the over the counter products that are used to make sure that the nail fungus is lost once and for all. The hydrogen peroxide can be very effective in many people. The only problem with this medication is that it takes a long time to get rid of the nail fungus. Other medications that can cure nail fungus do not take such a long time.
3. Vicks: There are some people who use Vicks Vaporub to make sure that they are able to get rid of the problem. This is one of the over the counter products available in any shop. Though it is effective for cold, it has also been found to be effective in those who suffer from nail fungus and the application of the Vicks vaporub at least twice a day, each day, will help to get rid of the nail fungus over a period of time.

The only disadvantage of the over the counter products are that they take a longer time to cure the nail fungus. Similarly, there is a lot of hype built around these products and so people who would be willing to try the prescription medications try to experiment with these over the counter products and there are some people who have had their nail fungus exacerbate at times.

Though over the counter products are good, they should not be the only