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White Toenail Fungus

Amazing methods to get rid of white nail fungus forever


Nail fungus has been affecting people for many hundreds of years. There are different kinds of disease causing microorganisms and the most common ones that cause damage to the body are bacteria and viruses. The fungi on the other hand, usually cause damage to the external parts of the body. The white nail fungus which is also called as the white superficial onychomycosis, is usually caused by the fungi that are called as trichophyton and microsporum.

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white fungus

The white nail fungus is a common condition that occurs in many people. Initially, it is seemingly a very simple condition where there are just a few white spots on the nail. As time goes by, the white spots that are seen under the nail spread o the other parts of the nail and it causes damage to the whole nail making the nail to be brittle and ready to break at the mildest sign of stress.




The persistence of this white nail fungus is well known and it is also known that the white nail fungus will be cured only after a period of time. The usual period of time that is required for the complete cure of the condition can range anywhere between 3 months to about 6 months.

The need for getting rid of the white nail fungus

There are some diseases of the nails that people do not really bother with because the problem may not be causing any damage to the individual. Since it is not functionally hindering the person, the treatment is not usually initiated. On the other hand, the white nail fungus can cause rapid and severe damage to the nail and in very severe conditions; the person may even have pain and also a foul smell from the nail.

The pain, infection and the foul smell makes it very important for the individual to have the nail treated for the infection as soon as possible. If the treatment is not initiated immediately, the nail can undergo some permanent damage that can cause disfiguration or even brittleness of the nail that can break off.


Treating and curing the nail fungus

Removal of the nail is the first option as it will help to relieve the infection and a new nail will grow if the roots are not infected. There are treatments available where the nail can be dissolved to relieve the infection too. Anti-fungal creams are also very useful in completely doing away with the nail infection.

Oral intake of anti fungal medicines is the other method of treating the condition. The medication helps to make the fungi to die off and so the nail can be preserved.

Other than the surgical treatment and the medications that are available to get rid of white nail fungus underneath your toenail, you can also try alternate methods of treating the white nail fungus and that is by soaking your feet in a mixture of water and vinegar, but that treatment has shown far less success than the others.

These are the best methods that you should follow if you want to be rid of the problem completely forever. So get down to the business and start using these methods to do away with the white nail fungus.