Fungus from Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nail Fungus

Nail fungus is a disfiguring condition for the person who is suffering from Fungus from Acrylic Nails. There are many people who suffer from this condition because of the changes in the lifestyle. This condition can be caused when there is a presence of warmth and also humidity or dampness under the nails. There are many people who suffer from this condition because they do not take proper care of their feet. The fact that many people are used to wearing shoes for a long time and also the fact that the socks and the shoes that they wear are not cleaned, and are damp because of the sweat increases the chance of nail fungus appearing.
One of the other common reasons for the nail fungus to occur is the use of acrylic nails. The acrylic nails are artificial nails that are made and used especially by women to make their nails look good. These nails are an additional beauty objects that are added over the normal natural nails. These are usually the culprits as far as the cause of Fungus from Acrylic Nails is concerned. The other fact that you should remember is that there are times when people who are already suffering from nail fungus, there is some amount of disfiguration that occurs in the nail. Many women try to hide the dis figuration in the nail by trying to have an acrylic nail over the nail fungus affected nail. Thos causes the condition to be exacerbated.

Why acrylic nail increases risk of nail fungus:

The main reason for the nail to become worse when there is an acrylic nail is that there is no air entry over the natural nail. This causes the area to become damp and this is the best medium for the nail fungus to grow. This is the main reason for the need to remove acrylic nails if you suffer from nail fungus. Similarly, the acrylic nails also increase the risk of a person to get nail fungus because of the same reason. The natural nail has decreased air entry and the decreased air entry over the nail causes the dampness that causes the fungi to grow on the nails.

If you do have acrylic nails and your nail is affected by fungi, then there is only one way to go and that is to remove the acrylic nail. The acrylic nail can be removed usually at a salon as it is safer than you trying to remove the nail by yourself. Once the acrylic nail is removed, the dampness is gone and the area is well aerated and that reduces the fungi growth rate. In spite of this, you should try to make sure that you treat the condition by topical application of any anti fungal agent. Many women who used to have acrylic nails and were affected by the nail fungus try to use nail polish to hide the fungal infection. This should not be done and instead, the nail fungus should be exposed and treated according to the prescription of a physician.