Get beautiful nails and kill nail fungus without any pills

beautiful nails

Nail fungus is a disease that is called as Onychomycosis. Here the nails are infected by a microorganism called fungus and this causes you to have a lot of problems that include pain, foul smelling discharge and other kinds of problems. The need for having beautiful nails is a important consideration that many people have. There are different kinds of treatments that are available for the cure of the nail fungus so that the micro organism is killed and the nail is as beautiful as possible.
The common methods of treatment for the nail fungus include the oral medications where the pills are consumed and the medication spreads through the body of the person. Similarly, there is another kind of treatment and that includes topical application of various substances to remove the severity of the nail fungus and finally cure it. Other than these two, there are also other herbal and natural remedies for the cure of nail fungus.

Why pills are not best treatment?

There are many people who suffer from various side effects of the pills that are consumed to treat the nail fungus. There are different kinds of pills available, but most of the people who consume these pills have some side effects and these can include head ache, uneasiness in the stomach after consuming these pills and also various other kinds of problems.

The toxic chemicals that are used in the pills to kill the fungus also acts on the liver of the person. This can lead to various kinds of live ailments, if the drugs are consumed over a long period of time.

The common methods of getting rid of the nail fungus without having any side effects include the use of the following methods.

1. Vinegar: This is the most commonly used method to cure nail fungus and many people have tried this home remedy successfully. The topical application of a mixture of vinegar and warm water that are taken in equal proportion will help. Though some people apply this on the nails, many people try to soak the affected part in this mixture and this has been found to have a better effect.
2. Listerine: All of us know that Listerine is used as a mouthwash because of the antiseptic effect that it has. This can be used to get rid of the nail fungus too. Apply this over the nail and soak your nail for about 20 minutes, twice a day. This will help you to get rid of the problem very quickly
3. Other substances: the other substances that can be used to effectively kill the nail fungus without the use of pills are the application of tea tree oil on the nail. The oil is a very powerful fungicide and will help to kill the fungus very quickly and effectively. The use of alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and Vicks Vaporub, by applying them over the nails can also help to cure the nail fungus.

If you have been suffering from this problem and do not want to suffer from the side effects of the consumption of pills, then you do not need to worry and can use one of these methods mentioned here to effectively kill the nail fungus.