Prescription medications that can get rid of your nail fungus

Nail Fungus

There are different causes of nail fungus, but once the nail fungus has appeared, there are certain methods of treating the nail fungus. Similarly, there are some methods that can be used to get rid of the nail fungus too. Some of the medications that are available are over the counter products that have not been proven to have some effect on the nail fungus, but they are used because these have been used by many people and some of them have found it to be effective.
On the other hand, the prescription medications are those that can be bought only on the prescription of a Physician and are much more effective than the over the counter medications. There are also different kinds of prescription medications that are available for treating the toe nail fungus. Some of these prescription medications are oral medications and others are topical ones. The list of these prescription medications and their effects are listed here.

Oral prescription medications:

The oral prescription medications are many in number as far as the Treatment for the Toenail fungus is concerned. There are some medications that are very commonly used and there are others that are not so commonly used.

The commonly used oral medication for toe nail fungus includes Lamisil, also called as Terbinafine. Some of the other antifungal oral medications are Sporanox also called as Itraconazole. As any other oral medication, the medicines that are consumed will be dissolved in the blood and these medications are taken to the various parts of the body through the blood and this in turn causes the fungal infection to be reduced. The normal duration for which the anti fungal medications need to be consumed is about 12 weeks or four months. During this time, the nail fungal infection is completely controlled. This does not mean that the nail becomes normal in this time. It takes more than nine months for the nail to become normal. It is only that the infection is completely cured and the fungi are dead, but the nail becomes normal only after a further period of many months.

Toe nail application medication:

The commonly used toe nail topical application prescription medication is Penlac, also commonly called as Ciclopirox. These topical medications should be applied over the affected nail each and every day. In spite of the daily application of the medications, it is sure to take many months for the nail fungus to completely disappear. The reason for this is that the nail fungus is highly resilient to treatment and can reappear again and again. There are also some side effects that can be caused by the topical application of the anti fungal agents and these include irritation of the skin, redness in the skin and also itching.

Prescription medication should be the first line of defense against toe nail fungal infection as this is the best in killing the fungus. Only if the prescription medication fails should any other kind of medication be tried